A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made for Ludum Dare #34

We made a small 3D space-shooter game in our own game-engine called Bubba-3D. Your mission is to destroy 50 of the asteroids in this system. Be aware that you do not have any shields. One hit will destroy you. Use w and S to thrust, A and D to rotate, P and L to change altitude and R to fire the laser.

It's built cross platform but we only provide executable for debian distributions. Lib requirements for compiling is presented at the github page.

Start by executing ./Super-Bubba-Awesome-Space

Hope you have fun playing!

Viktor Sjölind
Johan Nilsson Hansen
Simon Lindhén
Sebastian Norlin

Install instructions

Linux(Debian): To install all dependencies and run, execute in root map

Windows: There is a exe file in the bin folder


Super-Bubba-Awesome-Space.zip 32 MB
Super-Bubba-Awesome-Space.tar.gz 30 MB

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